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The Telegram Open Network community can launch a network without Telegram's participation

The Telegram Open Network community can launch a network without Telegram’s participation

As representatives of the TON Community Foundation stated, an American court can prohibit Telegram from launching its blockchain, but it cannot prevent other people from doing so.

The community includes more than 20 developers and investors who are currently discussing possible ways to launch the platform without the participation of Telegram. According to the founder of the TON Community Foundation and former communications Manager of TON Labs, Fyodor Skuratov, all the necessary code is already available and published. The organization only needs to generate the initial block and provide 13 validators for the network.

“We are really seriously considering this option. Roughly speaking, there is no need for any additional developments or measures – just agreement within the community. But for us to be recognized, we still need the approval of investors, ” Skuratov said.

In fact, the launch of the network by the TON community can be regarded as a normal hard fork, when different companies launch their own versions of the same blockchain. The only difference is that the main network of the TON project has not yet been launched. In addition, since the TON blockchain uses the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithm, a certain number of Gram tokens must be listed in order for the network and validators to start working.

According to the CEO of the investment firm HASH CIB Yakov Barinsky, at the moment half of the investors just want to return their money, while the rest are waiting for developments. At the same time, if in October last year, investors agreed to postpone the launch of the network, then next time such a proposal is unlikely to be approved.

Recall that a few days ago, a Federal judge in new York, Kevin Castel, supported the position of the us securities and exchange Commission (SEC) and blocked the distribution of Gram tokens. However, telegram’s lawyers plan to challenge this ban.