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SF Express will track deliveries of critical goods on the blockchain

SF Express will track deliveries of critical goods on the blockchain

The second largest logistics service in China, SF Express, is exploring the possibility of using blockchain to transport critical goods during the coronavirus pandemic.

The company believes that blockchain can be useful for tracking the origin and quality of medical products. Although the scale and status of blockchain implementation in SF Express is not detailed, the firm has “already begun to establish usage”, especially for transporting medicines and food.

According to the Global Times publication, blockchain is seen as one of the key new technologies, along with big data and artificial intelligence, that help medical professionals and other professionals provide assistance during a pandemic.

SF Express combines blockchain with big data to create a logistics network that supports tracking, verification, and accurate recording of goods. The system can determine the priority levels of deliveries, as well as reduce the risks of distribution of counterfeit or unlicensed products in the regions.

This is not the first blockchain-related initiative that emerged during the coronavirus pandemic. Recently, a consortium of Dutch companies launched the “Technologies against coronavirus” initiative. Participating firms will provide the country’s authorities with access to the latest technologies to combat the pandemic.

In addition, it was recently reported that IBM, Oracle and the world health organization (who) are creating an open data center that will use the blockchain to verify the authenticity of information related to the coronavirus pandemic.

We also recall that last week, the us Department of homeland security named blockchain specialists as employees of critical infrastructure, along with employees in the fields of healthcare, pharmaceuticals and food supply.