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Anti-crisis: Bits. media will help the development and promotion of cryptocurrency projects

Anti-crisis: Bits. media will help the development and promotion of cryptocurrency projects

In the context of a new crisis caused by the pandemic and the collapse of markets, calls on the community to support the development of new projects in the field of cryptocurrencies.

In order to help cryptocurrency and blockchain companies withstand the crisis and support their development during a difficult period, Bits. media decided to publish materials about significant developments and projects for the entire month of April for free.

If you are developing a technology or project that is useful for the cryptocurrency community and industry, please write to us about it. Preference will be given to open source projects. Our offer does not apply to pyramids, doublers, trading services and other opportunities for “quick earnings”. Most of the gambling projects will also not pass verification, and writing a smart contract with fair proof is not enough to be considered a significant project for the industry.

But if you are writing a Protocol that will allow less to lose pools on the “ofraneh” or “Ancla”, open decentral messenger, an alternative to the centralized DNS or CAS, and maybe invented the analogous atomic swaps for bitcoin and other block chain – you have the highest chance to get a free publication about your project.

Also, the promotion will be valid throughout April: we double the purchased terms of advertising placement. In other words, any advertising opportunities can be purchased at half the price, and current advertisers have an additional month of placement added as a gift. If you have any questions about paid advertising, please contact the advertising Department. Payment during this period is only accepted in cryptocurrencies.

The team wishes all readers to successfully pass this crisis.