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The price of ALGO rose by 30% after listing on Ledgerswap

The price of ALGO rose by 30% after listing on Ledgerswap

The unexpected listing of the algo On has led to an increase in the price of ALGO by almost 30% in less than 24 hours. The capitalization of the Algorithand has set a new high.
Yesterday, unexpectedly announced the start of trading ALGO. As a result of this event, the total volume of trading in the Algorithand increased almost four times.

ALGO is currently trading around $0.34, while recently the price of the coin exceeded $0.35 — for the second time in the history of the crypto asset. The record market capitalization of Algorithand, which reached $272 million, and now has fallen to $268 million, is due to an increase in the number of coins in circulation. This coin has a very high mining speed — according to Nomics estimates, only 8% of ALGO is in circulation from the maximum amount.The listing on took the community by surprise, as Algorithand did not figure among the 18 crypto assets that was considering for the nearest listing. The absence of Algorithand in the list may be due to the fact that it was added to the listing of the Pro platform in August last year.

Despite publishing a blog post announcing the listing, has yet to make a corresponding statement on Twitter. This can probably be explained by the massive hacking of Twitter accounts of a number of major exchanges, including, that took place this week.