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Augur is preparing to launch the second version of the platform

Augur is preparing to launch the second version of the platform

Augur, a decentralized prediction market platform based on Ethereum, has announced plans to launch a second version of the platform in early June.

Augur v2 will receive several new features, including a Dai-denominated token, support for ERC-777 standard tokens, and a new mechanism to address the risk of incorrect prediction markets.

The first version of the platform will be suspended on may 15, although users will still be able to create predictions through the user interface.

“When the v2 platform is deployed, all user balances will be transferred to the new contract with the REP token. In the near future, we will provide all the necessary details about how exchanges and users will be able to manage the migration process,” the Augur blog post notes.

At the moment, the development team is focused on improving the user interface of the platform, testing smart contracts and preparing for integration with The uniswap v2 DeFi Protocol, which should take place in Q2 2020.

“We are in constant contact with the Uniswap team and are assessing the situation to determine the best course of action,” the statement said.

Recall that in March last year, a vulnerability was discovered in the Augur architecture that allows fraudsters to create prediction markets, and later forcibly close them using various techniques, such as spoofing the end date and time.