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Waves Enterprise platform is included in the Russian SOFTWARE registry

Waves Enterprise platform is included in the Russian SOFTWARE registry

The Ministry of digital development, communications and mass media of the Russian Federation has included the Waves Enterprise blockchain platform in the unified register of Russian software.

Thus, Waves Enterprise will significantly expand the opportunities for implementing its blockchain platform and solutions based on it in the public sector and large businesses. Waves Enterprise-based solutions will receive priority when purchasing for national and municipal needs.

It is expected that the platform will increase the efficiency and transparency of work in public authorities. Earlier, the Russian government set a priority goal: expanding the use of domestic IT products in government agencies.

“The appearance in the register of domestic software of the Waves Enterprise blockchain platform indicates the high rate of development of the Russian blockchain industry and the readiness of leading Russian developers to provide the state and business with the most modern tools that meet the world level,” comments Igor Kuzmichev, commercial Director of Waves Enterprise.

The software expert Council of the Ministry of communications confirmed that the functionality, technical characteristics and operational documentation of the Waves Enterprise platform correspond to the stated description. Information about enabling Waves Enterprise is available on the official website of the Ministry:
Annex 2, page 26, paragraph 46.

To be included in the registry, the platform must meet a number of requirements:

the exclusive right to the blockchain platform on the territory of the entire world and for the entire duration of the exclusive right belongs to a Russian commercial organization;

the decision must be lawfully entered into civil circulation on the territory of the Russian Federation;

the platform does not use proprietary software owned by foreign companies or citizens, and no foreign companies or citizens have been involved in working on it;

information about the platform does not constitute a state secret, nor does it contain information constituting a state secret;

the platform does not have forced updates and management from abroad;

warranty service, technical support and platform upgrades are provided by a Russian company.