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IQiyi video platform implements the NKN blockchain

IQiyi video platform implements the NKN blockchain

IQiyi, one of the world’s largest video platforms, hopes to increase efficiency and improve user interaction by implementing the NKN blockchain.

As part of the recently concluded agreement, iQiyi will use P2P infrastructure from New Kind of Network (NKN) to increase buffering speed and reduce power consumption and network load. NKN notes that this collaboration is a step forward in the development and compatibility of two technological innovations: blockchain and peripheral computing.

“The main focus of NKN is on network infrastructure to enable bandwidth sharing and Internet connectivity,” said NKN co-founder Zheng Li. “Peripheral computing is crucial for streaming video and games, high-speed Autonomous driving, virtual and augmented reality, and the Internet of things, and blockchain can play an important role in this.”

Peripheral computing can improve response times and increase throughput. For this purpose, distributed systems are used to bring calculations and data storage closer to the place of demand.

iQiyi was founded by Internet giant Baidu in April 2010 and has since grown to 500 million users. The video platform integrates with the NKN blockchain to use “micro-hosting network management” to deploy and manage third-party content delivery network (CDN) software running on the platform.

CDN is a system of distributed servers that provide web content to the user depending on their geographical location and perform its temporary storage.

The NKN blockchain uses a proof-of-relay (PoR) mining algorithm that randomly selects a small number of fixed data packets as “proof” before sending this data to other nodes for payment and reward. The company said its architecture can scale to millions of nodes and already has 20,000 nodes worldwide.