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Cryptokitties Creator and Libra project will "exchange" programming languages

Cryptokitties Creator and Libra project will “exchange” programming languages

Dapper Labs, the Creator of the acclaimed game CryptoKitties, has announced a partnership with the Libra project, in which developers will exchange technologies.

Technical Director of Dapper Labs Dieter Shirley (Dieter Shirley) said that he is going to implement the Move programming language used in the Libra project in his own Flow blockchain. In turn, Libra integrates the Cadence programming language, which Dapper Labs uses to create smart contracts.

According to Shirley, Move will increase the performance of the Flow blockchain, and Libra will take advantage of Cadence adapted for developers. The Cadence programming language was developed by Dapper Labs for about a year. it is based on the theory of linear types and is designed to simplify the operation of smart contracts.

“First of all, Cadence was created with readability and ease of use in mind. This language uses syntax based on Swift and Rust. On the other hand, Move is focused on improving the performance and speed of smart contracts. The first task of Libra developers was to optimize performance, and the convenience of the programming language syntax came second. In our case, the opposite is true, ” explained Dieter Shirley, adding that this exchange of technological experience will complement both projects.

Recall that in August last year, a program was launched to find errors in the Libra software code, and in January, the Libra Association formed a Technical steering Committee to manage the development of the project. The future of Facebook’s cryptocurrency project will remain uncertain until issues with regulators are resolved.