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In Canada, cryptocurrency scammers pose as police officers

In Canada, cryptocurrency scammers pose as police officers

Canadian police are looking for cryptocurrency scammers posing as police officers and tax officials. Victims of hackers have already lost more than $15,000 in BTC.

The Royal canadian mounted police (RCMP) is investigating two bitcoin scams in the municipality of Strathcona County in Alberta. Police allege that fraudsters pose as government officials to extort cryptocurrency from victims.

According to the publication of the Sherwood Park News, one of the victims received a call from a person who claimed to be a representative of the Tax office of Canada. Another victim said the fraudster introduced himself as an RCMP officer. Both victims were fraudulently forced by criminals to withdraw money from a Bank account and transfer it to fraudsters via a cryptomat. Otherwise, they threatened to be arrested.

The victim, who was contacted by an alleged representative of the Tax office, lost $8,836 as a result of fraud. Another criminal, posing as an RCMP officer, told the victim that his social security number had been compromised and that he was facing several fraud charges because of it.

RCMP said the victims lost more than $15,000 to the culprits. Police officials urged citizens to contact the RCMP immediately if fraudsters contact them. Police officer of the municipality of Strathcona County Chantelle Kelly (Chantelle Kelly) commented on the situation:

“Under no circumstances will the police demand bitcoins from citizens. These scammers usually contact hundreds of people, hoping that someone will send them money.”

This is not the first time that criminals pose as government officials in order to fraudulently obtain cryptocurrency. Last year, hackers who promoted a fraudulent cryptocurrency scheme sent out letters posing as representatives of the UK financial Supervisory Authority (FCA).