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Alibaba has patented a system for checking the originality of songs on the blockchain

Alibaba has patented a system for checking the originality of songs on the blockchain

Chinese e-Commerce giant Alibaba has received a patent for a blockchain system that allows you to determine the originality of music compositions and resist copyright infringers.

The US patent and trademark office (USPTO) granted Alibaba a patent
a system that solves one of the main problems of the recording industry – the protection of copyrights to music tracks by placing and verifying this content on the blockchain.

One validator node and the music library nodes participate in the operation of the blockchain. The validator performs an “originality analysis” of a music track to assess how similar its melody, tempo, text, and rhythm are to other tracks in the library. This data is published in the blockchain and summarized in the second verification report, which also includes the similarity coefficient. As a result, the system gives a recommendation about the originality of the track from many nodes.

Alibaba claims that this method of verifying songs will help prevent efforts by people whose interference with music files violates existing copyright guarantees, including hashing music tracks to confirm their authenticity.

“There is still no platform that can be used to analyze the similarity of musical works in order to identify plagiarism or imitations of songs,” writes Alibaba.

According to the company, analyzing the originality of music tracks based on blockchain can “partially solve” the problem. The system can become a universal solution, since music libraries from all over the world can act as distributed nodes. Alibaba’s solution involves the use of smart contracts.

“The smart contract is executed with less human intervention and has the advantages of decentralized power, and the reliability of conducting an analysis of the originality of a musical composition with its help is increased,” Alibaba States.

This patent is not Alibaba’s first attempt to use blockchain for copyright protection. Recall that in 2017, the company began to apply
blockchain in the system of accounting for intellectual property of global enterprises and brands. Other companies are also testing the technology to implement similar solutions.

Two years ago, Intel announced that it would use blockchain to protect digital image copyrights. At the end of last year, the Italian society of authors and publishers (SIAE) announced
about collaboration with the Algorithand project to develop a new copyright management ecosystem.