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Lightning Labs released version v0. 10beta of the lnd implementation

Lightning Labs released version v0. 10beta of the lnd implementation

The Lightning Labs engineering team has released a beta version of Lightning Network Daemon (lnd) v0.10, which adds multi-beam payments (MPP) and partially signed transactions (PSBT).

One of the main developers of the Lightning Network, the Lightning Labs team, released
the new version of the lnd V0.10 implementation is beta. It includes several important improvements for the Lightning Network on the Bitcoin blockchain.

According to a press release, the new version of v0.10-beta gives Lightning users the ability to make multi-path payments (MPP). The MPP feature allows BTC holders to send large payments with more efficient routing. In addition, the V0. 10-beta version has increased the maximum payment amount, which is now 16.7 million Satoshi (0.167 BTC), whereas previously it could be no more than 4.2 million Satoshi (0.042 BTC).

The development team States that lnd v0.10-beta has a new anchor Commitment Format that uses the binding output so that commissions can be specified after the channel closure transaction is broadcast. This format offers Lightning users more convenience, since they no longer need to negotiate fees for forcibly closing the channel in advance.

lnd v0.10-beta supports partially signed bitcoin transactions (PSBT), which allows users to Finance new Lightning channels directly from their hardware wallets or external wallets that support the PSBT format.

Lightning Labs said that lnd v0.10-beta boasts a number of other improvements, including architecture features, improvements for developers, increased privacy and security, and other bug fixes.

Recall that at the end of March, Lightning Labs presented
the lightning Service Authentication Tokens (LSAT) authentication Protocol, which allows third-party firms to provide paid APIs based on the Lightning Network, and in February attracted
investments worth $10 million.