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Mikri Zhang blocked deliveries of ASIC Bitcoin miners from a factory in Shenzhen

Mikri Zhang blocked deliveries of ASIC Bitcoin miners from a factory in Shenzhen

According to Chinese media, the ousted CEO of Bitmain, Mikri Zhang, is blocking equipment deliveries from a factory in Shenzhen.

It is assumed That Micree Zhan took control of the plant and ordered the termination of deliveries of ASIC miners to Bitmain buyers. The reason for such actions remains unknown, but they significantly disrupt Bitmain’s operations and undermine Its reputation.

Last week, with the help of private security, Zhang broke into the Beijing office of a mining company that was under the control of Bitmain co-founder Jihan Wu. Zhang sent emails to investors and Bitmain employees claiming that he now runs The company’s China office. Therefore, there is every reason to believe that Zhang now fully controls this division.

However, on June 9, Jihan Wu assured employees that the situation was under control, and said that all necessary actions had been taken to resolve the conflict in a legal manner. According to Wu, employees will receive compensation from Bitmain if they suffer possible damage caused by Zhang’s actions. Jihan Wu urged employees to unite and work together to protect the company.

The fight for Bitmain between Zhang and Wu began in October last year, when Jihan Wu resumed the position of legal representative and Executive Director of The company during Zhang’s absence. In addition to legal proceedings, the parties try to resolve the conflict by force. Last month, Bitmain chief financial officer Liao Liu tried to take away Zhang’s license as a legal representative of the Beijing branch of Bitmain, after which Zhang “stormed” the company’s office in Beijing.

No matter how comical this “takeover of territories” looks from the outside, the company’s customers are the first to suffer from internal conflict, waiting for the receipt of Bitmain products that they have already paid for.