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The operator of the platform Socios announced a partnership with the UFC

The operator of the platform Socios announced a partnership with the UFC

Chiliz, the operator of the Socios platform, has entered into a partnership with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) sports organization. Sports fans will be able to “participate in the life” of the UFC using CHZ tokens.

According to Chiliz’s announcement, through the Socios app, mixed martial arts fans will be able to purchase tickets to UFC events in exchange for CHZ tokens, participate in votes for their favorite fighters, and receive certain rewards for their actions. As a rule, this award can be exchanged for UFC Souvenirs. Chiliz CEO Alexander Dreyfus said that such a partnership is not only about buying tickets to fights, but also about allowing sports fans to openly Express their opinions.

Given the restrictive measures due to the quarantine, people are not able to attend the stadium at the moment. However, they continue to “root” for individual wrestlers or a specific team, so fighters will have the opportunity to monetize their international “fan base” with fan tokens with gamification elements.

According to Chiliz management, the Socios app has already been downloaded by more than 200,000 people to use the CHZ token. Dreyfus hopes that this number will grow this year, as Chiliz is going to involve other major sports organizations in cooperation in the coming months to break the mark of one million users. Chiliz clarified that it is focused on consumers, and does not plan to work with cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges.

In January, the French football club Paris Saint-Germain also released a digital token that allows fans to vote for decisions that affect the club’s work, and a month later, the Barcelona football club presented its token so that fans can participate in polls and votes.