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The number of active nodes in the Bitcoin network has fallen to a three-year low

The number of active nodes in the Bitcoin network has fallen to a three-year low

Despite the increase in the exchange rate, the number of nodes in the Bitcoin network has significantly decreased and reached a three-year low.

According to the Bitcoin developer Luke Dashir (Luke Dashjr), at the moment the number of full nodes is 47,000, this level was observed in 2017. The number of nodes is constantly decreasing from the peak of 200,000 recorded in January 2018.

A decrease in the total number of nodes means that fewer people relay new transactions and store the full transaction history on their computers. And even the recent rise in the BTC rate has not prompted people to launch their nodes.

Dashir does not disclose the method by which he counts the nodes of the first cryptocurrency. However, the Bitnodes service, which takes into account the number of nodes, also reports a decrease in this parameter. Perhaps the strong volatility, highs and subsequent falls of bitcoin disappointed many enthusiasts, and they decided to stop supporting the network.

“The fall in the price of bitcoin has led to a loss of interest, throwing their wallets and nodes,” said Jameson Lopp, technical Director and co-founder of Casa.

However, according to developer Matt Corallo, the number of nodes does not have a noticeable impact on the development of the Bitcoin network, as long as they are enough to support the network. However, he made a reservation that it is difficult to define the concept of “sufficiency” of the number of nodes.

In may 2019, Luke Dashir reported that more than 60% of The 100,000 full bitcoin nodes are subject to the” inflationary ” vulnerability CVE-2018-17144.