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Hackers sell the database of Russian car owners for 1.5 BTC

Hackers sell the database of Russian car owners for 1.5 BTC

Hackers published a database of 129 million Russian car owners from the traffic police register and sell it for 0.3-1.5 BTC. The authenticity of the information was confirmed by an employee of the carsharing company.

As reported
Vedomosti newspaper, this week hackers published part of the database of Russian motorists on one of the sites of the darknet. This was stated by the founder and technical Director of DeviceLock Ashot Hovhannisyan in his telegram channel. The authenticity of the database was confirmed by an employee of one of the carsharing companies.

The database contains the personal data of 129 million car owners, including full names, addresses, passport data and other confidential information. Hackers claim that they received data from the traffic police register, and sell them for cryptocurrency. Hackers want 0.3 BTC for the full version of the database, and 1.5 BTC for extended information for “exclusive use”.

The database published in the public domain contains only impersonal information, such as the make and model of cars, as well as the date of their registration. According to hackers, the full version contains the names of the owners, their addresses, date of birth, passport and contact information.

Stolen personal data is often sold for cryptocurrency. In March, the data of 266,000 clients of the Trident Crypto Fund, including 10,000 Russians, were exposed. the leak was caused by a vulnerability on the Foundation’s website.

In addition, in early March, the cryptocurrency derivatives exchange Digitex reported a major leak of data containing e-mail and other information of more than 8,000 customers, and in November, the BitMEX exchange allowed a massive leak of user email addresses.