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Xiao Feng: "blockchain will accelerate digital globalization»

Xiao Feng: “blockchain will accelerate digital globalization»

Vice-Chairman of the investment company China Hanking Holdings Xiaofeng (XiaoFeng) at the investment summit in Shanghai said that the blockchain will significantly accelerate digital globalization.

Xiao Feng believes that globalization will move from the real world to the digital one. And it is the blockchain and other latest technologies that will become the tools that will allow the implementation of digital globalization.

The top Manager of Wanxiang Holdings noted that after the coronavirus pandemic, digital globalization will benefit both developed and developing countries.

At the same time, digital globalization will affect the organizational and management systems of many companies, which will have to review the working methods and economic feasibility of their processes.

Recall that recently, the Chinese conglomerate Tencent announced the creation of a blockchain Alliance to implement the technology in various areas of the economy.