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MFSA answers questions about issuing share tokens in Malta and Huobi Wallet will support Kakao tokens and Huobi Wallet will support Kakao tokens
The Klaytn blockchain project of the South Korean Internet giant Kakao has agreed to cooperate with a number of major cryptocurrency services. The project announced this in its blog.

Kakao division launches blockchain platform
As noted, has been added to The list of exchange platforms that support trading with the KLAY token, which already includes Upbit Indonesia and Coinone.

One of Klaytn’s partners is the OpenSea platform, which allows the exchange of collectible and other tangible tokens on the blockchain, such as game items. Its resources will be used to exchange such tokens on the Klaytn blockchain after their launch.

Seven new wallets have agreed to add support for KLAY and its blockchain-compatible tokens, including Bitkeep, ZenGo and Huobi Wallet.

In addition, decentralized Klaytn applications will be presented on information portals and State of the DApps, which already display information for networks such as Ethereum and EOS.

“More than a dozen Klaytn blockchain applications have already been presented at and State of the Dapps, and in the near future this number will be increased,” the publication says.

It is worth noting that the Kakao division launched its blockchain in the summer.

After that, the company began to choose an exchange for listing its cryptocurrency.

Some time later, it became known that the Klay token will be listed on the upbit Singapore and Upbit Indonesia exchanges by the end of September