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China intends to completely ban cryptocurrency trading. User service from China on the platform has been suspended.

Bitcoin exchange denied information about the data leak denied the information about the leak of user data. Representatives of the exchange reported that they decided to play it safe and sent out letters asking only 1% of users to change their passwords.

“We confirm that there was no data leak from, and our actions were a quick response to an external threat,” the representatives of the trading platform stressed.

The company noted that they only reset the passwords of some “potentially vulnerable” users who use identical or similar data in different services.

“We can now confirm that neither the list nor the information contained in it was taken from,” the blog says.

The company also stressed that their passwords are stored not in plain text, but using the secure bcrypt function.

“Approximately 90% of the passwords listed in the list are in the database of vulnerable accounts, – added representatives of the trading platform. — If you have a account and you did not receive the corresponding email, you can be sure that your email address was not in the list. Less than 5% of the addresses in the published list were linked to exchange accounts”

Recall that after the list of email addresses and account passwords appeared on the network, sent out emails to some users about resetting their passwords.