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Europol is interested in anonymous bitcoin wallet Wasabi

The police service of the European Union (Europol) is concerned about the growing popularity of the anonymous bitcoin wallet Wasabi. This is reported by CoinDesk with reference to a report for law enforcement agencies, which was publicly available.

Wasabi makes it difficult to track financial transactions by mixing transactions of different users. A report from the European center for combating cybercrime says that this mechanism makes the wallet attractive to criminals.

Europol refers to data from the analytical company Chainalysis, according to which for three weeks the volume of deposits on Wasabi amounted to $50 million.30% of these funds came from the darknet.

The press service of Europol confirmed the authenticity of the report and noted that the information is only for informational purposes. The Agency’s Chairman added that the popularity of the wallet has reached a level where law enforcement agencies around the world are interested in it.

On the question of whether Europol to de-anonymize transactions, Wasabi, the Agency said:
According to the Bitfury analytical division, the volume of transactions with BTC in the darknet has increased by 65% over the past year. The increase over three years was 340%. In the first quarter of this year, volumes reached $384 million. At the same time, 45% of bitcoin transactions entering the darknet come from exchanges without mandatory verification.At the end of last year, Binance began blocking withdrawals to the wasabi wallet. The head of the exchange, Changpeng Zhao, explained this by the regulatory requirements of various countries.