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Charles Hoskinson: "recursive SNARKs can scale Bitcoin to infinity»

Charles Hoskinson: “recursive SNARKs can scale Bitcoin to infinity»

IOHK CEO Charles hoskinson believes that recursive snarks proofs can solve the problem of Bitcoin scalability and avoid the appearance of hard forks.

The Cardano founder noted that disputes over expanding the block size led to the creation of Bitcoin Cash, and he considers this “intellectual dishonesty”. Hoskinson called” crazy ” the opinion of Bitcoin Core supporters that increasing the block size could lead to greater centralization of the network. He said:

“It’s like saying that the volume of processors and hard drives will never increase in size. Bitcoin was created in 2009. What was the average network bandwidth at that time? What was the average amount of disk memory and CPU performance? Today, my mobile phone is as powerful as the most powerful gaming computer was in 2009.”

Haskinson added that the CEO Roger Ver (Roger Mook), who actively promotes Bitcoin Cash, should take this fact into account, and not promote a split. He also compared the Bitcoin network to the state: when the government does not cope with its tasks, a split occurs in the country, and a civil war begins.

According to the founder of Cardano, in the case of Bitcoin, the project is divided into hard forks, so Bitcoin Cash can be called an example of poor management. At the same time, Hoskinson noted that Roger Ver does not “bring confusion” to the management, but firmly believes in the idea of scaling Bitcoin, otherwise Ver could just create his own cryptocurrency.

However, the CEO of IOHK believes that recursive snarks proofs can help in scaling the Bitcoin network. He noted that zk-SNARK’s zero-disclosure proof technology allows a party to demonstrate that it has certain information, but without disclosing the data. V

However, proof of ownership takes up less space than the data itself. With recursive SNARKs, the party can provide confirmation of the proof, which will further complement the data. According to Hoskinson, if such technology were used in Bitcoin, the network could scale to infinity, but if the parameters are not configured enough, security may suffer.

In April, Hackinson said that Ethereum is not developing fast enough due to the fact that too much depends on Vitalik Buterin in the network. In addition, the Cardano founder believes that the cryptocurrency industry lacks interaction standards such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.