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Smart contracts and gamification: launched the educational social network Talent Exchange Network

Smart contracts and gamification: launched the educational social network Talent Exchange Network

Stream city has launched the TalentExchange Network, an educational social network. The platform’s payment system operates on smart contracts, and you can pay for courses with crypto assets.

Online education is becoming more popular – you can get a specialization in many areas in a few dozen hours without leaving your home. Access to knowledge has never been as easy as it is today.

After graduating from a higher educational institution, a graduate receives a diploma-a kind of rating that demonstrates the level of knowledge in various fields. When taking a large number of online courses, you can get bogged down in certificates that will tell a potential employer little – the expert level of the course authors is unknown to them, as well as how successfully the candidate passed them.

The recently launched Talent Exchange Network aims to solve both problems. The service allows you to confirm the completion of education from certain experts and the level of knowledge obtained. At the same time, the entire learning process is built using gamification – the user receives points for completing courses, “qualifications” for achievements and anti-achievements. Knowledge can be obtained in various fields: from marketing to cryptocurrency trading, mining and blockchain.

Talent Exchange Network supports a payment system running on smart contracts – all transactions are recorded in the blockchain. There are free courses on the platform, and paid lessons can be purchased for crypto assets – the platform’s own STM token or other cryptocurrencies.

The Talent Exchange Network is not only an educational platform, but also a social network where users and course authors can create profiles, subscribe to each other, and find like-minded people. On the platform, you can register as a knowledge user or an expert to create your own courses on one of the suggested topics: marketing, Finance, technology, health, psychology, personal growth, business and meditation.

For example, in the Finance section, there are courses dedicated not only to traditional financial markets, but also to cryptocurrency. Course
for novice cryptocurrency traders, it will allow for 10 lessons of no more than 15 minutes each to get basic knowledge of trading crypto assets for free and avoid the typical mistakes of a novice investor. The platform also published a course on business organization, the author of which will talk about how tokenization of assets on the blockchain helps companies attract investment.

Training can take place in the format of video lectures and webinars. Course authors can publish articles, check their homework, and conduct tests. Experts can make lessons paid and free of charge. For example, you can grant access to several trial lessons, and then open the full course only after payment.

A key element of the Talent Exchange Network is the rating system for users and course authors. Educational programs can be published by individual experts and companies. Both experts who place courses and users who take them receive points.

After accumulating a certain number of points in one of the directions, the level of the user or expert increases. Thus, the student’s profile becomes a kind of resume that allows a potential employer to quickly assess the level of expertise in various fields and make a decision about hiring.

According to Vladislav Kuznetsov, founder of Streamity – the Creator of the Talent Exchange Network-gamification plays an important role in the work of the educational social network:

“The user receives points and “qualifications” for achievements and anti-achievements. This motivates both to complete the course and to take a responsible attitude to study. If a student does not complete the course, no points are awarded. In addition, the number of points awarded depends on the level of the course author: the higher it is, the more points the user will receive.”

According to the platform’s founder, the Talent Exchange Network combines gamification, online education, and smart contracts. This allows you to create a transparent service and rating system, where users can easily confirm their level of education, and experts can share their knowledge.

Vladislav Kuznetsov provides detailed information about the platform’s work, plans for further development and basic principles in a separate course.

The Talent Exchange Network platform is monetized by selling subscriptions. By default, the platform is free for users – free courses are available to them, as well as the ability to purchase paid lessons. The more expensive the subscription, the greater the discount on course completion the student receives – when purchasing a Premium subscription, all courses become free for the user.V

The expert in this case there are two options. In the first case, the course author can pay for a subscription, receive payment for the full cost of their course, and not deduct a Commission to the site. Or the expert Advisor may not pay for the subscription, but deduct a percentage of sales to the platform.

Since the platform’s payment system runs on smart contracts, all transactions are recorded in the blockchain. Courses can be paid for with crypto assets, including the STM platform’s own token. The cost of a subscription when paying in STM is lower, but you can also buy it for other crypto assets, including BTC, ETH and USB.

Course authors receive payment directly in cryptocurrencies after the student completes 30% of the course. Soon, the platform will support the Russian ruble and other Fiat currencies.

The user-friendly interface, transparent rating system, work on smart contracts and the ability to pay for courses in cryptocurrencies make Talent Exchange Network an interesting project that uses modern technologies and gamification to promote online education and opens up opportunities for new knowledge for participants in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.