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Producers Market to implement VeChain blockchain for tracking agricultural products

Producers Market to implement VeChain blockchain for tracking agricultural products

Producers Market will use the VeChain blockchain to track agricultural products and maintain the export competitiveness of Latin American farmers in the global market.

The companies said that the coronavirus pandemic has affected not only the operation of supply chains, but also the behavior of consumers who are increasingly shopping online. This new trend has put farmers, especially in Latin America, at risk and limited their business opportunities.

In an attempt to help affected farmers export their premium products, the Producers Market platform, which brings together various manufacturers, has embedded a ToolChain solution developed by VeChain into the value chain.

Producers Market will use the StoryBird app to track the supply chain to help farmers get direct access to markets. The application is developed on the basis of ToolChain and allows you to collect and upload reliable product information to the VeChainThor blockchain.

After uploading data to the blockchain, all interested parties, including farmers, e-Commerce platforms, buyers and consumers, will be able to verify the origin of the product and the trade logistics of delivery. This supply chain mechanism will help create a transparent and reliable market for agricultural products.

In addition, StoryBird will help farmers tell the story of their products using visual tools – photos and graphics. Farmers will also be able to share their production history to establish closer relationships with consumers.

The first major project to be implemented within the framework of cooperation between the companies is a consumer – oriented digital platform for the meat and fish industry. The ToolChain will be used to track product shipments from South America to the US. The project is scheduled to launch in September 2020.

Recall that recently one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, Bayer China, announced that it will track the supply chain of medicines through the vechain blockchain platform. Earlier, APAC Provenance Council also announced that it will track supply chains using the platform.