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Laszlo Hanesh: "Satoshi used the help of third-party cryptography specialists»

Laszlo Hanesh: “Satoshi used the help of third-party cryptography specialists»

As the early bitcoin developer Laszlo Hanyecz told us, Satoshi Nakamoto turned to third-party specialists when designing the cryptography system for the first cryptocurrency.

Satoshi used elliptic curve-based cryptography. Hanesh was very puzzled by the choice of the Creator of Bitcoin-Nakamoto used the SECP256k1 curve, although at that time the curves of the National Institute of standards and technology (NIST) were more popular. Subsequently, it turned out that using the SECP256k1 elliptic curve was a more efficient and reliable method.

Hanesh even wrote Satoshi a letter in which he asked about the reasons for choosing this elliptical curve, but Nakamoto did not tell too much about it, answering only:

“I asked a lot of people to rate SECP256k1, and they said the choice is good.”

At the same time, it is unknown at what stage of Bitcoin development Satoshi asked for help and how he received it. It is only clear that this was before the launch of the first cryptocurrency network. At the same time, Nakamoto once told Hanesh that before launching Bitcoin, he made several “trial attempts”: V

“The establishment of the network took several years and required several attempts. I’ve been working on this for a long time.”

In General, Hanesh’s data matches the information already known. In one of the mailing lists, Nakamoto wrote that it took him 1.5 years to program. It is unknown whether the “trial attempts” were other similar projects, or there were several variants of Bitcoin.V

Recall that Lazlo Hanesh is one of the early enthusiasts of the first cryptocurrency. He was the first to pay with bitcoins for a real product, buying a pizza for 10,000 BTC. Recently, Ganesh said that Nakamoto initially provided for bitcoin mining on video cards.