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Hackers who hacked Bitfinex moved another 77.6 BTC

Hackers who hacked Bitfinex moved another 77.6 BTC

Hackers who stole almost 120 thousand BTC from the Bitfinex exchange in 2016 continue to “eat the elephant in pieces”, withdrawing the stolen in small portions.

As reported
analytical service Whale Alert a few hours ago, moved another batch of bitcoins stolen
from the Bitfinex exchange in 2016. This time, the hackers transferred 77.6 BTC, equivalent to about $800,000, to an unknown address.

After hacking the exchange, when hackers managed to steal 119,756 BTC, hackers gradually move bitcoins in small batches. At the end of may, Whale Alert recorded
a transaction of hackers who transferred 28.4 BTC.

The BTC stolen by hackers first started moving about a year ago – almost three years after the exchange was hacked. Then the attackers made a series of transactions and moved 172.54 BTC to unknown addresses.

Hackers ‘ actions may be related to the growth of the BTC rate. Today around two o’clock in the morning Moscow time the price of bitcoin has increased
from $9,895 to $10,429 in 30 minutes – a new wave of volatility on the stock exchanges contributed to the price growth after the close of the trading day on June 1. During the day, the exchange rate fell slightly and now BTC is trading around $10,100.