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Microsoft reports distribution of Anubis malware for data theft and crypto assets Launches Cryptocurrency Index Fund has opened its index fund to accredited US investors, giving them access to all cryptocurrencies traded on its GDAX exchange. The company is currently working on ” launching more funds that will be available to all investors and cover a wider range of digital assets.”, one of the largest cryptocurrency companies, announced on Tuesday June 12 that the Index Fund is now open for investment. In March, the company first announced plans to create a cryptocurrency index fund.

“We saw huge interest from investors when we announced the fund this spring,” writes Reuben Bramanathan, head of asset management at Asset Management. He clarified:
“The Index Fund provides investors with access to all assets listed on our exchange, weighted by market capitalization… At this stage, the Index Fund is only open to accredited investors from the United States. We are working on creating additional tools that will be available to all investors and cover a wider range of digital assets.”

The company’s website notes that “our vision is to make investing in digital assets accessible to everyone.” In addition, the company stressed that it is ” beginning the work necessary to provide access to index funds to all American investors,” and not just accredited ones. The firm also noted that “in the future, we hope to offer investing in indices to clients not only in the United States, but also around the world.”

About the Foundation Index Fund – ” a private fund that tracks the Index (Fixed Supply)”, which is an indicator of the overall performance of cryptocurrencies listed on the GDAX exchange.

The minimum investment amount in the fund is $250,000, and the maximum is $20 million. The annual management fee of the fund is 2%.

“Assets are weighted by market capitalization. The index level takes into account the continued growth in the supply of each asset, and not just the price change, “the company noted, adding that the index” recovers every time a new asset appears on GDAX, ” as during the recent addition of ETC.

The current figures are 61.47% BTC, 27.17% ETH, 8.22% BCH and 3.14% LTC. The fund will soon be rebalanced to include ETC.

In addition, notes that “unlike actively managed investment funds,” the index fund manager “does not sell assets in this way and does not target a specific allocation for any asset.”