Cryptocurrency news - a new approach to the cryptocurrency market – a new approach to the cryptocurrency market is a cryptocurrency blockchain platform that uses an off-chain matching mechanism to enable much faster and more complex transactions than those currently offered by existing decentralized exchanges. Let’s call it a comparability engine that can process complex orders efficiently.

One of the important features of the platform is that it compensates its users for all funds in the event of a hacker attack. For this purpose, the Safe Asset fund was created, as well as the User’s Insurance Fund (SAFU).

Convenient and safe for users, the platform radically changes the algorithm of the cryptocurrency exchange.

Expert advice

Unlike other platforms, is easy to use. New users will be able to easily trade their favorite cryptocurrencies thanks to the user-friendly interface. All they have to do is select an expert and start trading right away.

The fact is that there are several financial and trading experts working on the platform. You choose one of them based on his / her experience, profits earned, user ratings and other relevant factors. This way traders and investors can make informed decisions and get tangible returns.