Cryptocurrency news

The price of BTC keeps above $10,000 for a month for the second time in the history of the cryptocurrency has surpassed Binance in terms of trading volume Cryptocurrency exchange is actively trying to regain its leading position, while one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance, is experiencing failures due to problems with database synchronization.

Earlier in the official Twitter, representatives of the Binance exchange reported “possible temporary inconveniences for some users” in connection with technical work on the platform.

On the eve of the “Binance” blog, it was reported that technical work on the platform will continue for some time, and the Deposit/withdrawal of funds will be suspended.

Soon, the CEO of the Binance exchange and the newly minted cryptocurrency billionaire Changpeng jao reported that the database synchronization was delayed due to its huge volume. He also assured users that their data will not be lost.

Against the background of prolonged technical difficulties for Binance, the world leader in cryptocurrency trading volume was the exchange, which recently announced the release of its own utility token of the ERC20 standard.