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Cryptopleura suspended the possibility of buying and selling digital assets

On the platform’s website a message was posted that all operations are temporarily disabled, the company apologizes for the inconvenience and intends to restore the service as soon as possible. In the following statement, it was said that the temporary interruptions in operation are due to extremely intense traffic associated with the correction of the Bitcoin exchange rate and the cryptocurrency market as a whole.

(Please note that the customer base at the beginning of December 2019, it was about 15 million accounts, and transactions were concluded daily for about $ 20 million)

Over the past few days, the total capitalization of the Bitcoin market has decreased by about $100 billion. The indicator of the total trading volume, however, remains at a fairly high level — $48 billion over the past 24 hours. Recall that the other day suspended trading Bitcoin Cash, after which some representatives of the crypto community suspected the company of insider trading.

Earlier, the exchange stopped trading Litecoin and Ethereum amid the growth of their rate, and then announced the addition of full support for Bitcoin Cash. However, soon after the start of trading in this cryptocurrency was suspended due to high volatility and suspiciously fast price growth.