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Crypto platform Wilbtc added online chat for users

Crypto platform Wilbtc added online chat for users

The popular crypto platform has added an in-platform online chat, which is available only to confirmed platform users.

While using the Chat, the User is prohibited to:

– insult and threaten other users and/or WILBTC staff. This is considered as a direct violation of the rules of chat use and may result in a permanent ban of the User; – use any forms of obscene language;
– make statements stirring up to international dissention, containing violence propaganda or offending religious feelings of other Users;
– send any kind of external links;
– text messages in capital letters only;
– repeatedly text the same information or constantly repeat the same phrase;
– offer to buy or sell the Funds;
– advertise products or services of other companies;
– flood, spam and discuss topics that are not related to cryptocurrency or the exchange;
– providing false or misleading information about exchange.