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Binary Options Added to LakeBitEx Crypto Platform

Binary Options Added to LakeBitEx Crypto Platform

Today a new investment product from the traditional market has been added to the platform: OPTION

How does a binary option work?

A binary option is a bet on price movement. You can bet that a certain financial asset will become more expensive or cheaper in a few minutes. If a trader places a bet on an increase in value and at the end of the time interval the cost will be higher, the trader will earn, if it costs less, the trader’s rate will be burned out.

Why are they popular?

Companies that offer binary options often promise mountains of gold to their potential clients. And in general, everything is simple here – you bet on the price movement and expect profit. And it seems like you got involved in the stock markets, stock exchanges, securities – you can brag to your friends. Professional trading is another matter. You need to analyze a bunch of information, read the news and, in general, as they say, keep your finger on the pulse. Trading is a professional road and binary options are easy bets.