Cryptocurrency news named the exchange's main competitor named the exchange’s main competitor named the exchange’s main competitor
The cryptocurrency exchange serves a large number of institutional investors and is going to increase their number. This was stated by chief operating officer Andy Chen during a conversation with community members on Telegram.

traderce.comwill hold the IEO of the X-power Chain project
Chen began by talking about the recent update of the futures market on, aimed at improving the speed and efficiency of trading. He said that the same update is waiting for the spot market and indefinite contracts, without giving any dates.

When asked whether is going to attract institutional clients, Chen said that His company already serves a fairly large base of such users and plans to expand in this direction. In addition, he noted that the exchange intends to add new tokens to the stacking program.

According to Chen, since listing its own OKB exchange token on Bitfinex this year, the company is looking for opportunities to add It to other platforms, and is also ready to add their tokens to its own. In the coming months, expects to expand opportunities for using the OKB token, in particular, thanks to the launch of the main OKChain blockchain network, which should take place within a few weeks, and the decentralized exchange platform OKDex. In addition, OKEx plans to launch a credit product in order to attract new traders.

Earlier, the BTI organization accused of falsifying 90% of trading volumes, which the exchange hastened to deny. Chen returned to this issue, emphasizing that no exchange can be considered completely free from fraud, but OKEx is committed to curbing such practices.

“90% fraud on ‘t know how we would be able to survive in this market. It is very important that exchanges maintain transparency. That’s why we proposed forming a self-regulating organization last week, ” he added.

Chen also acknowledged that ‘s biggest competitor to date is Binance, which offers a similar set of products and recently successfully launched a platform for trading bitcoin futures. However, he believes that Binance is more focused on retail clients, while is more focused on institutional clients.

It is worth noting that is creating an Association of cryptocurrency exchanges.

In parallel, will launch tether futures.

But at the same time, the site division is preparing a large-scale delisting due to FATF.